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TH-200, and TH-300 Tripod Hub Replacements

The collaboration between Markins and Nikonians on advanced camera support since 2004, brought us first the Markins Q-Ball heads, then the Markins TB anti-vibration plates and Markins Titanium spikes, for the best tripods in the market: Gitzo carbon fiber.

The above led to what we first called the 'Super Gitzo' and later the MAGICA integrated camera support system, with Mountaineer tripods and the latest further improved Markins ball heads Q10i and Q20i.

Now Markins brings us a new product, reducing the final weight of a MAGICA for added convenience in the field, improving the ability to pack it inside luggage for airplane travel by reducing its top diameter, while maintaining its vibration absorption quality, for both Mountaineer and Systematic tripods.

The Markins TH-200 and the TH-300 hubs replace the original platform hub reducing weight and top diameter of Series 2, and Series 3/Series 4 carbon fiber tripods respectively, whether a Mountaineer or a Systematic model, providing a slim profile while keeping the sturdiness and vibration dampening of the previous TB base plate based MAGICA.

Mr Mah at the Nikonians booth in Photokina

TH-200 and TH-300 tripod hubs

This is one of the most recent statements from a happy MAGICA user (Gitzo Series 3 with TH-300 hub):

Michael Hatala

"The MAGICA is an extremely well thought out and designed combination. The Gitzo is so much lighter and stronger than my previous tripod and the Markins Q20's sweet spot is something one has to experience to believe. Simply amazing!

My compliments to the Nikonians team and Markins for designing this truly amazing system."

Michael Hatala (mhiker), Nikonian in Florida, USA
mhiker's MAGICA 3.4
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